Volkswagen GTI side moldings


We LOVE to hear from our customers, even more seeing what they've done!


We thought you'd be interested to see what we see. So here we go...


Frank was proud to share his pictures and experience with us. You're encouraged to do the same! This customer experience will give you a peek at how easy and fun it is to install our incredible car moldings :)


Excited to received his order.


Unboxing fun moments and the discovering of the nice MyCar Trim sticker!


Frank has ordered the Azure S car moldings. This molding style offers a sportier look, combining color-match painted trims with a small chrome insert with an embedded logo at the front of the molding. Let's see how it's gonna make his car super-nice looking.


The BEFORE picture:


Following the easy 5 minutes installation on one side...


Done! And wow! The AFTER picture:


Here's a close-up on the chrome insert featuring the GTI logo :


Then Frank seemed to have some fun shooting photos of his GTI's brand new look!

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