How to Find the Most Trustworthy Auto Body Shop

Thrustworthy auto body shop or collision center services


Dang. You dinged your car again. You want it to look as good as it did fresh off the lot, but you don’t really want to deal with taking it in to an auto body shop.


Do you ever worry that you’re going to get ripped off? When you learn how to choose the right shop, that’s a thing of the past.


In this post, we’ll cover:

  • When to look for an auto body shop
  • Auto body shops versus dealerships
  • Why the cheapest body shop isn’t always the best
  • How to know whether your collision center is trustworthy
  • How to find the best auto body shop near you


When to look for an auto body shop


If you have a vehicle, chances are good that you’ll eventually need a collision repair shop. The car insurance industry estimates that an average driver will file one collision claim about every 18 years.


That may sound like reasonable odds, but consider that you’re going to be driving for a lifetime. For most people that means about 3 to 4 accidents. And then, there are the minor fender benders that you don’t report to your insurance company (we won’t tell). Like the time you backed into that pickup truck in the Home Depot parking lot and only dinged your own bumper.


Filing a claim might raise your premiums more than you’d like, so many people choose to pay for the repairs on their own. Still, they’ll need an auto body shop.


And on top of any damages, you many need an auto body shop to perform any vehicle upgrades, like installing our premium side moldings, for example. And you may also need to repair weather damage like rust or hail or normal wear and tear (grocery carts send more people to the collision repair shop than most people realize).


Basically, if you have a vehicle, you should start thinking about where you’ll take it for body work. You won’t necessarily have to interview shops until you need them, but keep an ear out for when your friends have this type of work done. Listen to their experiences with various shops, so you’ll have a feel for their reputation.


Auto body shops versus dealerships


Have you ever had body work done at a dealership?


Many dealerships offer body work in addition to general service, but is this the right option for you? The answer depends on your warranties. If you have any sort of warranty that covers your car’s exterior, the dealership is your best bet. However, these types of warranties are rare and limited. Typically, they may only cover paint protection.


In most other cases, auto body shops are a better option. Not only do they have experts who specialize in body work, but they also have the equipment to handle the job.


Why the cheapest body shop isn’t always the best


Just like with anything, you should expect to get what you pay for at an auto body shop. Shops that have rock-bottom prices may not have covered all the overhead costs of a typical shop, meaning they may not have as much insurance or staffing. This could spell disaster if something happens to your car while its in their possession. And short staffing may mean delays, regardless of what they tell you.


This isn’t to say that you should always pay top dollar. Those that charge the most aren’t always the best either. Price should never be your only consideration when choosing an auto body shop.


Regardless of what you’re quoted, always consider a shop’s reputation. You can reasonably expect that they’ll treat you the same way they’ve treated other customers.


We surveyed 250+ established auto body repair shops to find out why it’s so important to pay the fair price instead of the lowest price. Here’s what they had to say:


"Anyone can perform a cheap repair. Experience, training, top tier products, technical knowledge of damaged materials as well as products used to repair those parts correctly all come at a cost. To provide a lifetime warranty repair, all those items must come into play. Skip one and you create a weak link in the repair that will cause early material failure... In our business you get what you pay for, period."


“The cost to equip a shop with the tools needed to complete a safe and long lasting repair is very high and the cost of properly trained and dedicated employees is also very high, all of these are necessary to return a vehicle to its pre-accident.”


“Look at the estimate thoroughly, some may be willing to use poor or less expensive materials. A quality shop will never use cut rate materials to make their bottom line.”


How to find the best auto body shop near you?


Do you think you’ll have to travel far to get good service? Sometimes, the shop closest to you isn’t the best option and sometimes it is. The key is to find the best possible service in your local area.


Fortunately, this task has become a lot easier as more people take to the internet with their opinions.


Here are few ways to find the best auto body shop near you:

  • Perform a Google Maps search – The easiest way to find a body shop in your area is to look on Google Maps. You’ll see which ones are closest and you’ll even have a chance to read through some reviews.
  • Ask around – We’ve seen the statistics on car collisions. By the time we’re 40, most of us have had experience with at least collision repair expert. Just ask people. Ask friends, family coworkers or even strangers. The guy at the checkout line in the grocery store may have strong opinions about who to go to. You never know. Try to give more weight to the recommendations that come from car buffs. People who know cars will examine the work with a more discerning eye.
  • Call a few shops – You may find that the best auto body shops have a long wait for service. So, you should expect to call one or two before you land on one.


Example of an "auto body shop" search on Google Maps where you can find useful reviews:

Google Maps Auto Body Shops Reviews


How to know whether your auto body repair shop is trustworthy?


Have you ever gotten the feeling you’re getting ripped off? It’s a terrible feeling, and that’s not how you should feel when you’re getting work done on your car.


But if you don’t know a lot about cars, it’s easy to be intimidated at a body shop. Don’t fret. There are a few ways you can tell whether an auto body shop is trustworthy.


  • Investigate online – When you’re looking at online reviews, be careful not to give too much weight to one person’s experience. If a place has one one-star review, it could still be a good option. Or not. Keep looking online and asking around to find out whether the shop has a good reputation. Also, check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for any complaints filed against the business. Google Maps and Yelp are great resources for customer reviews.
  • Talk to someone – Call the shop to get a feel for the vibe and evaluate the quality of the employees. If the person on the other end of the line is impatient and/or rude, that doesn’t bode well for the shop overall. While anyone could have a bad day, a good shop owner wouldn’t stand for that kind of behavior.
  • Evaluate your comfort level – Before you leave the shop, you should have a good idea of what’s going to happen next. A reputable shop will have someone there to explain exactly what needs to be done and what options you’ll have. They won’t do any work until they get approval from you.


We asked 250+ shop owners what makes the difference between a good shop and a bad shop, and  here are some of the most helpful responses we got back:


“A good collision repair shop runs a true independent business with no 3rd party interference. They use signed repair contracts with the vehicle owner (the true legal customer) and does not allow insurers to dictate prices or parts used in those repairs. That shop will charge for what is required to properly repair the vehicle but will actually DO everything they charge for. A bad shop is one who allows insurer influence and commits fraud rather than charge a customer what it really takes and then repair the vehicle correctly. This is a common practice in our industry...shame on them.”


“Experienced employees, transparency, customer service and open/consistent communication between all parties involved. This includes communication between insurance companies, the customers, the body shops, the PDR [Paintless Dent Repair] facilities, windshield repair companies, rental car companies and even the lien holders.”


“Quality of the people working there. Attention to the details of the work being performed (Most important) And just truly wanting to put out good work and wanting the customer happy."


Two of the most important things you can find in an auto body shop are reputation and your own personal comfort level. Once you find a reputable place that you feel good about, you’ve found your repair shop.


Auto Body Shop Program


In conclusion


We’ve covered all the ways to find the best auto body shop, but the bottom line comes down to two things:


  1. Do you feel comfortable? If you feel uncomfortable at a shop, walk away. It doesn’t matter if the business has an impeccable 5-star reputation. If something feels off to you, it’s not the shop for you.
  2. Have others had great experiences? You should always start your search by looking for a shop with a good reputation. Go with friend and/or online recommendations and then call to see for yourself.


Action items:


  • Keep your eyes and ears open for news on auto body shops
  • If you’re getting ready to book an appointment, read online reviews first.
  • Talk to someone at the shop to get a feel for the vibe before you book your appointment.
  • Share this article to anyone who may find it useful!


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Lloyd Bronson:

My car's body was recently damaged during a collision. I'm glad that you mentioned the importance of getting a few quotes from different shops to find the services that would be the most beneficial. I'll be sure to do my homework to find a reliable car body shop!

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16/01/2020, 02:40:40 PM,

A few weeks ago, the bumper on my car cracked when I drove over a large pothole. Upon later inspection, I also realized that my windshield washer fluid bay was cracked. I want to find an autobody shop that can get these repairs done for me without breaking my bank. I like that you mentioned that it is a good idea to ask your family and friends for recommendations for places to go to. These tips you shared will help me find the best body shop to take my car to.

Thomas Clarence:

I appreciate the advice you shared when you explained that you should never select an auto body shop based on the price that they offer their services at. My wife was driving home from school the other night, and she hit a large pothole which caused the back bumper to come off. These tips you shared will help us find a professional that can repair the bumper for us.

Deanna Lynne:

I like your idea to choose a shop we feel comfortable in, regardless of their reuptaion. The driver's side of my car was damaged in a minor accident at the mall parking lot. I'll use this advice to choose the best auto body shop in my area to handle the repairs!

Ava Ms:

I found it helpful when you said that you can check the BBB to determine if there are complaints filed against the business. My husband is planning to find an auto repair shop that is reputable because he needs help in restoring the appearance of his damaged car. Our son used it last week when he met an accident on his way home. I will share your tips with him so he could be guided.

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It was helpful when you said that you could check the BBB to find out if there are complaints filed against the business. My father will surely consider your tip since his car was damaged last Monday due to an accident that he got involved in. He is planning to sell it later this year so he wants the dents and all the damages to be repaired in the best possible way. He will surely find your tips helpful on finding a reputable vehicle panel beating shop.

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Thanks for mentioning ways to find a trustworthy auto shop. My car hit a pole and I need to get it fixed. I'll find a collision repair shop that I can trust.

Jeff Carbine:

I like when you said that You want it to look as good as it did fresh off the lot, but you don't want to deal with taking it into an auto body shop. My father was involved in a car accident last week. Happy to know that he is okay. But his car was wrecked, and he didn't know where and how to put it in the repair shop. I will share this post with him as his guide in finding the proper auto body collision repair.

Shammy P:
27/10/2021, 09:31:30 PM,

It sure was helpful when you said that you could check the BBB to know if there are complaints filed against an auto body shop. This is something that I will share with my sister who needs to have her sedan door panel replaced. It got damaged when she got involved in an accident last week while on his way home.

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My brother-in-law was involved in a minor car accident a couple of nights ago and his car needs to be repaired. I appreciate you mentioning how it can be helpful to ask friends or coworkers for suggestions of good auto body shops. I'll pass this information along to my brother-in-law so that he can find the best auto body shop to repair his car.

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